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28th-Aug-2007 05:21 pm - #..Moonshine..#
This weekend was just legandery!
Drunk non stop friday-monday
Was still drunk at half 5 monday afternoon.
We drank everything imaginable and more.
Gahh spent way too much money mind but it was worth it
saw loads of peoples we knew so that was cool
got picked on by a comedian
who told everyone we were just going for a shit :|
Cheers mate!
Fell asleep on my front garden
Had the coolest driver ever who blasted linkin park for me
made friends with irish/scottish/english and of course welshys!!!
finally got home coney! yaaaay for coney!!!
was just a really good weekend :)
need another one!! but after i have a few weeks to recover
drinking 4 days straight is bad for your liver...
and ur soul ;)

UPdated: I forgot to mention the best part seeing kate of course *koff*
altho stoned rabbits are funny *reports self to the rspca*
And if im right in what i think ur on about the last bit
yesh we shall leave that bit out :P
24th-Aug-2007 10:59 am - shibby!
And thus the weekend has started!
Only beverage to be drinken all weekend is alcohol
so if anyone gets hold of me i appoligize in advanced
because i shall be out of it!

bring it on!!!!!
17th-Aug-2007 04:04 pm - Buddah bing
aint posted for ages so thought i would post.
All thats happened really is much drunkness, french people, lesbians, cute djs and such.
So instead of just ranting about stuff i thought i'd post a video.
Its not scary in the day so save it for when ur alone in the middle of the night. Like matt made me watch it :| now i consider myself brave i can watch anything and not be bothered (Excluding clowns but lets not go there) and i watched it up until "Demon Child" and omg i was shitting lol it just completely creeped the hell out of me.
It was like half 2 in the morning and i was just going to bed and matt was like "dare u to watch it" so i did :| and then we both went to bed like pussys texting eachother "im scared" "so am i" "somethings touching my feet" LOL not that were wimps *cough* but anyways u need to watch this in the dark. And look out for demon child... if that was me filming that and the second time opening the door i would of just died of a heartattack then n there.
if it doesnt spoke u at all then u are far braver then me!!!


8th-Jul-2007 11:54 am - Whinge
Ahhh this week has been a bit of a mess.
I've had two dates which i cancelled coz i was stressed out.
Had 5 guys not speak to me lol 4 are again now mind just 1 that isn't probably the most important one but ahh well if they dont give a shit why should i >.<
Sick n tiered of making an effort n getting nothing in return so let them get on with it i say.

Supposed to have gone to the cinema last night but changed my plans and forgot to let doody know oops lol let him known like 10 mins before i was supposed to meet him >.< dickhead.

So we decided to go for a drink with johnny n all. Was a laugh actually :) good night and only cost me £5 :D
We walked up to the waterfalls an all and sat there for a bit waited for johnny while these nutty guys were diving in the water it was bloody freezing an all! talked to those for a bit and then they left so we nicked there place :) then two came back but were obviously the gayest guys ever i was wearing devil horns.. dont ask why lol so gayest and gayer came over and they were like "ooooo *in the campest voice possible* see wot got some horny devils here tonight" i couldnt be arsed speaking to them so smiled n turned away they sat there for a bit then left but as they were climbing the rocks to get out the one guy fell of course ur pissed someone falls down a hill ur gonna laugh so we all pissed ourselves laughing.

They walked up and we could hear campest one going off on one no idea what he was saying but they got out amobile and was like "police theres underage girls drinking" lmao we were like wtf :S then gayest came over n was like
Gayest: im not being funny but he just rang the police to report u as underage drinking.
Me: yeah love fuck off
Gayest: im trying to help coz ull get arrested *pulling this stupidest ugly fucking face ever*
Me: yer alright love
Gayest: Well u will get arrested
Caire: erm i'm 26 love and shes 23 N shes 20
Gayest: yer as if ur 14 those two are 12
Me: What the fuck????? 12?? ok thats taking the piss 17 is bad enough but 12 come on i dont fucking look like young
Gayest: yeh u do so id leave
Me: oh go fuck urself her fucking kids 12
Gayest: So. i got a kid 13.
Me: what.. how old are u?
Gayest: 20.
Me: so u had him when u were 7?
Gayest: yes
Me: urrr
Gayest: what?
Me: well thats fucking dirty
Gayest: no its not though
Me: er yes it is.
Gayest: no coz i got rapped... by my dad.
Me: what the fucking fuck? how the hell can u have a baby with ur dad? ur both men
(spami now bursts into laughter while drinking and starts chocking so im patting her back while still arguing)
Gayest: no coz he rapped the girl i was with *starts doing the camp faces and bopping his head and doing the " " *
Me: not ur fucking kid then dick.
Gayest: but it is though.
Me: no its not its ur dads.. but this is all bullshit anyways. u on drugs?
Gayest: yes i am.
Me: fucking says it all then.
*he starts talking shit by now ive stopped listening as my heads already fucked with all his bullshit then i yawn*
Gayest: dont fucking laugh u goth bitch coz ill hit one of them *walks off*
Me: *now actually laughing* no love if u hit anyone u hit me!

They storm off and sit round the corner watching us slagging us off to anyone who walks passed lol then the guys there slaggin us off to come over n start talking to us and they go lol but come on even the gays are starting with us lol was funny.

We then found johnny and went to the park and got more drunk spoke to more guys and then came home. but was actually a good laugh :) didnt actually miss clubbing on a sat either :)

24th-Jun-2007 01:16 am - Good with the Bad
Well i hadn't been out for what 3 weeks so decided to cellebrate our new found Straight Edgness (yer right!) we'd get absolutely bladdered :D and my god did we!

Actually was one of the best nights out i've had for ages i was in full Tosser/idiot/retard mode :P Started off the night with "we aint been to the vaults for like a month" "ohh yeh go us" "yeh i know.. wanna go there?" "yeh" lol so we walks in john nearly killed me "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!" *SLAP* awwww bless missed us like :P apparently its boring when were not there ha! but i forgot i was banned so trick come over being a dick wouldnt let anyone serve me so i sat outside with john told him why trick is a dick.. bad mistake? and then he got told off so me looking like a crack addict went round everyone asking them to get me sambukka! One guy told me if i shagged him hed buy me one shot if i shagged his mate as well i could have 2 :| ERM FUCK.OFF!
so later i pretended to drive a car and splashed them with my imaginary car when they were next to this giant puddle :D ha!

Then we met some austrailians by now i could just about walk austrailain guy bought me 3 shots bless :) all i kept saying to the austrailians was "ive seen wolf creek ur all pyscho killer fuckers" "no were not" "u are.. bet ur carrying a knife" something fell out of this guys pocket i thought it was a pen knife im like "SEEEEEEE" but yeh it was a torch lol they also said something like "we've met some lovely people in cardiff" i replied with "how many u kill?" lol im such a twat.

THEN now this is before ive actually bought myself a drink i realise ive lost my purse like fuck knows where with £45 in it :| GAYYYYYYYYYY so im thinking well we aint going no where because i don't have a penny then over comes some cute guy starts talking to me asks where im going i say no where got no money and he offers to pay telling me he thinks im yummi... yeh ur not getting in my pants for paying for me to get in mate! he pays for me to get in buys me a pint and i say "cheers" and walk off lol im such a nice person.
We danced with some irish boys who were hilarious then some guy starts pure in my face chatting me up not my type at all but i dance with him an get another 2 free drinks but then he got all weird "i really like u" im just honest as hell when im drunk and im like "well we're just going to be friends" acompined by a friendly pat on the head :P but his fucking weird friend kept taking pictures of me all the time pissed me off like id be at the bar hed take a pic id go down the stairs hed be taking a pic id fucking breathe and hed take a pic he took like 9 freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways they had to go so the guy was like "do u want me to stay?" "no!" "shall we swap numbers" "ur too old" "im only 26!" "awww i dont go older than 25" :P still dint get the picture gave me twenty hugs before he finally left fucking weirdo!!!!

then ran into andrew again whos mate told him i ran off because i just wanted him to pay for me to get in :O lol so i stayed with him rest of the night more drinks :D and he paid for my taxi home bless him. but he thinks im meeting him friday yehhhh doubt et :P

but thank fuck for nice ppl that night or id have no drinks or anything :P so even tho i dint spend a penny i basically spent £45 grrrr

Ha also talking to some bloke and i said "omg i soo used to fancy u" he was like "really? when?" "when u were on baywatch" "huh?" "yeh baywatch do u still have the sexy red shorts?" "who do u think i am?" "ur david hasselhoff ur like god!" lol i have a habbit of pretending people are famous when im drunk :P

but twas a good/bad night had a laugh but lost me purse so meh that sucks An i woke up with a huge scratch across my back which is fucking killing and loads of bruises even tho i dont remmeber falling? oh well :)

another 3 weeks now and ill go clubbing again :P xxxxxxxxxxxx
7th-Jun-2007 09:11 pm(no subject)
yes i'm a twat
i lead people on
and i use people

3rd-Jun-2007 01:23 pm(no subject)
"there was once this girl, who knew another girl and knew a boy//thats when it got complicated" -

Last night was mumsys birthday so we got drunk and then went over to the pub with her to have a few more drinks we were a bit smashed sang with the guy who was on stage singing and then left them too it and went to town. bus driver was cool he couldnt take us any further than the pendine so we tried to hide and then as we got to the top of town we were like woah were such cool hiders he hasnt noticed us then we hear "sorry girls i really can't take u any further i have to turn down here" ok maybe we arent so good at hiding after all :(

Got a taxi with some lovely ladies into town tho and i havent got a cloo where we went but it was a pretty good night :) DJ played umbrella for me twice yaaaay *hugs him*
Then i rang mike at like half 3 and woke him up lol he werent amused :D

But apparently my mum was reallllllly fucked she ended up falling over and smashing her face on the stone step and had to go to hospital she looks terrible cuts and bruises all over her face and her nose n lip is swollen so bad it looks like shes broken her nose :( nice birthday present. the idiots at the clubs fault tho they bought her drinks and then got her a tray of drinks as well! so its there fault she fell she even said she didnt want a tray of drinks.

so yeah eventful night for her

31st-May-2007 01:18 am(no subject)
ok dunno if anyone remembers but ages an ages an ages ago i met this guy in model in who i was chucking beer mats at and i went all lusty for him an had a moan saying id never see him again
yeh i so met him again last night ha!
his names tim :)
and he gave me this site to go on and told me to come talk to him...
but cool :)

whether i will or not tho is another thing :p
30th-May-2007 03:43 pm(no subject)
Well last night i had the deepest more interlectual conversation of my life, 35 minutes about eatings pigs and how amazing they are Ha!
See you have chickens who are just lame all you get from a chicken is errr chicken?
But pigs! pigs are awesome!
You get pork, pork chops, sausages, bacon, ham...

Pigs Rule! :D
26th-May-2007 08:32 pm - DurRrRrR
Last night was odd we went to meet johnny and we were all fine then we decided to go find pete so we send johnny to go call for him coz none of us have a clue which house it is and johnny goes off half hour later still not back so we go to find him.
See "petes" car so me n spam knock the door
leedle old lady answered so we asked if pete lived there she said no. so we knocked the next house another little old lady answered and told us pete lives next door so we knock the next house and this women in her 40s answers looking quite stuck up spami with no manners says:
spam:~"Pete there"
lady: "yes why?"
spam: "well can u get him"
lady: "What for?"
*Everyones quiet so i speak*
Me: "oh this girl hes seeing is round the corner waiting for him but shes a bit shy"
Lady: "What girl?"
Me: "her names claire"
Lady *shouts* Pete Whos Claire?
Voice Back: I dont know?
Lady: "well she knows u!"
*guy comes to the door we just stare*
Lady: These girls are looking for you
*me and spam look at eachother like huh?*
Lady: "thats pete"
*cant help my self and i just burst into laughter*
Me: sorry wrong pete
we just ran
didnt know wot to say lol the womens face ommm was so bad imagine two girls turning up at ur door telling u ur husband is seeing some girl haha.

and then we find johnny he couldnt find the house so we all start walking and a car pulls up out gets scott, monk and johnnys bro and pfffft johnny legs it me n spam are like wtf?? claire chases after him and then i see monks face.. there gonna beat him up im like monk dont hit him please then scott tells me hes been using his brothers check book and ripped him off like £2,000 so im like oooo leave them too it then. Scott starts shouting at johnny who denys everything he threatens him but dont actually hit him then they drive off and we think fuck it
and go to the pub n get pissed :D think we do best.

then i bumped into daniel seans cousin that was cool not seen them for ages so he told me how they all are and what there doing and it was like awwwwwww then we lost claire n spastic carl so me n spam came home :)

but was weird n stupid and fun :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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